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KARNATAKA Bhagawatha (Volumes I and II)

Transcribed, Translated and Edited by

Holalkere R. Chandrasekhar

12884 Kannada Poems in Bhamini Shatpadi, 12 Chapters, Color Prints of the Original Palm-leaf Manuscript, English Translation, Concise Dictionary

KARNATAKA Bhagawatha

Volume I (Chapters 1-9)

ISBN: 0-9711223-4-2

712 pages, 7 Illustrations, 4 Color Plates


KARNATAKA Bhagawatha

Volume II (Chapters 10-12)

ISBN: 0-9711223-5-0

760 pages, 3 Illustrations, 4 Color Plates


Publisher: Chandra Publications, LLC

US $50 (free S&H within mainland USA and within India)


Table of Contents


Table of Contents


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Songs from Bhagawatha (Gamaka)


Songs from Bhagawatha (Gamaka)


Songs from Bhagawatha (Gamaka)


The Bhagawatha Purana is the most famous and sacred text after the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. It describes the story of Krishna in its fullness and glory. The twenty-two incarnations of Vishnu, the lineage of the ancient rulers of India, discussions on the creation and dissolution of the world are among the many breathtaking narratives of this epic. Profound philosophical discussions on par with the Bhagawad Gita are found in the pages of this book. Ultimately this is the story of spiritual love, submission and supreme devotion. This sixteenth century epic, passed on by palm-leaf manuscripts, is published in its entirety for the first time.